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Advisory Services

Merina+Co works with government and small business to develop and improve organizational strategy, operations, and process to help you achieve your goals and do more with less. We will assist your organization in becoming more efficient, more effective, and more productive. Merina+Co is widely known for our “value-added” approach which results in timely, cost-effective and implementable recommendations across all facets of your organization, including: finance, human resources, information technology, legal/justice, procurement, economic development, transportation, agriculture, law enforcement and emergency response, parks and recreation, public works, engineering, capital project delivery, maintenance and operations, planning, and water/environmental services, etc.

Organizational Effectiveness

We partner with organizations to objectively evaluate organizational performance and identify ways to maximize organizational effectiveness. Our approach centers on our ability to listen and understand the specific challenges and opportunities facing your organization in order to develop a plan to address them. We focus on building trust and buy-in across all levels of the organization and addressing all aspects of organizational performance such as leadership effectiveness, organizational structure and resource allocation, communications, team dynamics and collaboration, and training.

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Operations and Process Improvement

Our team facilitates operations and process improvement initiatives in a wide variety of functions. We develop a complete understanding of the existing operational environment and the specific responsibilities and requirements of those individuals working within it to identify and assess opportunities to make your organization more efficient in the way it manages operations and major business processes. 

Risk Assessment

We work with your organization to identify and evaluate vulnerabilities and risks in operations, communications, finance, governance, and a variety of other areas. By prioritize risks, we provide meaningful and actionable points on which to focus efforts for improvement and appropriately allocate limited resources.

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Internal Controls

We evaluate your company's operations to determine if the appropriate controls are in place to ensure proper handling of resources and to help protect the organization from inappropriate activities. We assess your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures and identify opportunities to strengthen controls as appropriate.  

Performance Audits 

MCO conducts performance audits in accordance with Government Auditing Standards (the “Yellow Book”). Performance audits can include an analysis of how an organization is meeting its established goals and mission, the efficiency and effectiveness of a program or activity, and whether it follows the various laws, rules, and requirements it must operate under. When conducting a performance audit, we customize our approach to specifically achieve defined audit goals. These audits are also referred to as standards.

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Financial Statement Services

MCO supports the drafting of governmental financial statements including drafting, account analysis, and work paper preparation. We have more than 30 years of experience in preparing financial statements for local governments and supporting the independent audit process.

Cost Allocation 

We tailor a cost allocation methodology to your entity’s specific characteristics and operations in order to provide reasonable means to allocate service costs to operating programs. Such an allocation supports full costing of services for fee setting, budget and financial reporting cycles, and transparency to stakeholders.

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Staff Augmentation

Merina+Co has, and continues to provide high quality interim services to organizations in transition.  Our professionals complement internal staff in support of day-to-day operations, audit and budget support, staff oversight and coaching, recruiting, and project-based support.  From bank reconciliations to temporary on-site and interim CFO/Finance Director assignments, our team works with your organization through the transition and back to full staffing and effectiveness.

Transient Lodging Tax Monitoring 

Consistent, efficient, and effective monitoring of transient lodging tax (TLT) compliance provides a variety of benefits through education and outreach with providers, increased communications, and collection of all amounts due and owed to your entity. Our approach to TLT monitoring allows local governments to interface with lodging providers, provides proactive outreach and education regarding TLT requirements, and supports compliance with local code/ordinances. 

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waste recycling

Solid Waste & Recycling Rate Review

We assist local governments in assessing and analyzing solid waste and recycling rates to provide confidence and transparency in the rate review process. We can review solid waste hauler detailed cost reports, perform cost-of-service studies, assess rate increase impacts, and develop an approach to future rate reviews to give local governments the tools and information necessary to productively interface with haulers during rate negotiations.