Governmental Accounting & Auditing Conference 2021

27 - 28 Apr 2021

April 27–28 | Webcast | 16 Credits

Amid budget shortfalls, shifting revenue forecasts, and a torrent of new legislation, you stand at the tiller. Your fellow citizens rely on you to keep a steady hand as you steer the ship of state through these rough, financial waters. You can do this, and this year's Governmental Accounting& Auditing Conference will help. You'll find the knowledge you need to chart your course to the safe harbor on the other side of the pandemic.

Day One—Accounting Updates On the Port Bow

Get critical guidance on GASB Statement 87, governmental financial updates, and insight into what the GASB is working on now from GASB Supervising Project Manager, Pamela Dolan.

Day Two—Squall About Audit

Learn the latest on CARES Act performance audits and single audits, as well as best practices for establishing internal audits.

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